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Health & Safety

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    Mee Mee Apple Shape Water Filled Teether

    This teether is an essential product for your baby to soothe his or her gums during their teething stage. It is designed for ease of holding and also assist in the baby’s development of hand eye coordination. When babies begin to get new teeth, this teether will provide baby something to gnaw or rub against his gums to help relieve the unpleasant sensations. It also provides the entertainment needed by the baby to have something to hold in their hands and put in their mouths. This teether is in a apple shape and size, red colored in order to motivate the infant to try and grab it. The flat shape allows the baby to clamp down hard. This teethers is bumpy on one side and rigid on the other.

    Key Features :

    Brand Name – Mee Mee
    Rinse teether with warm water after use
    Dry with clean cloth
    Store in cool dry place when not in use
    Never place teether in freezer compartment
    Cool teether only in domestic refridgerator
    Contents – One Fun And Colorful Apple Shape Water Teether Red

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    Mee Mee Car Shaped Kids Toothbrush MM-3873 Pack of 3 tooth brushes

    Mee Mee tooth brush is carefully made to the highest safety standards..When most or all of the milk teeth are in, your child is ready to try first real toothbrush with toothpaste .The rounded bristle-ends are soft and gentle to your child’s gums. The handle provides a firm grip making it easy to hold.

    Key Features:

    Made from non toxic material
    Soft round bristles
    Ultra soft small head are tender and gentle on baby’s gums
    Attractive car shape design
    Massages gums and soothes teething gums

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    Mee Mee Unique Finger Brush With Cover MM-3725

    Oral care from infanthood is important for developing strong healthy teeth and gums for your child. Made from food grade and premium quality transparent silicone Mee Mee’s unique BPA free Finger Brush can be used to gently cleanse your baby’s teeth after feeding/meals. Apart from cleansing, this brush provides relief to child’s tender gums during the teething phase & also offers oral stimulation.

    Key Features:

    Complies with FDA & other standards of Health & Safety
    Approved and recommended by leading Paediatrics
    Made from 100% non toxic and BPA free super soft silicone material
    Specially designed for a simple, effective and comfortable start towards oral hygiene
    The outer side of the brush has soft & fine pressure points to stimulate and massage the gums. This gives baby relief from soreness during teething phase
    Cleanses teeth effectively to ensure that there are no deposits left behind on the tooth and gum surface
    Easy to use, sterilize and store
    Easy to carry in a diaper bag

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    Mee Mee Digital Thermometer MM-310

    Fevers are the cause of much worry for mums, but a fever is not an illness in itself, it is a natural mechanism that occurs when the organism is attacked by infectious agents such as a virus or a bacteria. Mee Mee digital thermometer is carefully made to the highest safety standards. It is extremely user friendly and can instantly read body temperatures

    Key Features

    Measure baby’s temperature safely and comfortably

    Non-toxic materials

    Quick, easy and reusable

    Gives accurate temperature readings- both oral and underarm

    Temperature results in °C or °F

    Life span of over 200 operating hours

    Easy to clean with a soft damp cloth

    Can be used from the time of birth

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    Mee Mee Deluxe Nail Clipper MM-3831

    Baby’s nails grow fast and haro. Without realizing, your little bundle of joy might scratch on the delicate face with nails. Leave your worries behind with Mee Mee’s gentle clipper with magnifier. The magnifying lens helps you see clearly without straining your eyes while clipper trims your baby’s nails to perfection

    Key Features

    Conforms to safety standards

    Precise stainless steel blades

    Magnifier scales 4x times to give you the best close up view

    Smooth edges with a slight sharpness that firmly trim the nails

    Ergonomic design and round edges makes the product easy and convenient to use

    Easy grip handle provides best control

    Rust free body

    Sized and scaled for tiny nails