Vega hair dryer vhdh02


Vega hair dryer vhdh02

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style your hair the way you want with Vega Hair Dryer- Compact Elegance Dryer. You can carry you style in your bag, wherever you go. Vega Hair Dryer- Compact Elegance Dryer is easy to use, sleek and is travel friendly.
Safety automatic overheat cut out.
2 heat/speed settings.
Compact and light weight.
For ease of use at home or while traveling.
Removable end cap or easy cleaning.
Cord guard with hanging loop.
Hot temperature and powerful airflow.
Dual voltage: 120/230V, 50/60Hz, 1000W.
Additional Information: Vega is India?s famous beauty accessories brand. They have a wide range of beauty accessories that are pocket friendly. Vega Hair Dryer- Compact Elegance Dryer does not damage your hair, but makes it look healthy and shiny.
How to use product

Towel your hair slightly, just enough to stop the dripping. Separate your hair into sections/partition. Start blow drying at the top/roots, about six inches away from scalp, working your way down,

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